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Thank you for developing such an efficient and effective piece of software. I'm sure it took you many, many hours to perfect and I want you to know I'm grateful. I've been digitizing my entire record collection, and without ClickFix such great results would not have been possible.

T. T., Florida, U.S.A.

First of all, I want to join the others in raving about your program. It is SO much faster than the plug in that comes with Cool Edit Pro and 2000! This is the first shareware program that I have ever actually registered so I could use it un-disabled.

J. M., Maryland, U.S.A.

I wanted to write again to thank you for your miraculous ClickFix plugin.

I am a registered user and have been transferring LPs right and left in the past couple of months. Before, I had to use two or three different programs, and then often do manual editing and pasting to remove commonplace vinyl defects.

ClickFix stopped all that trouble. I seldom have to edit more than one bad spot per album, if that. Usually I run the Auto, normal setting: this is virtually the ONLY instance I can think of in which the default setting in a piece of software actually WORKS. Usually the default is simply awful: turned way up to 'make a noticeable difference', in order to impress the first time user that the software is worth getting, I suspect.

I have also run into noise and distortion modulation effects on all other declickers. Yours does not seem to do that, ever. It just works. It does not add a trace of distortion and grit to woodwinds, or piano transients.

The other day I transferred a Genesis LP of an obscure piano concerto by Goetz, and as it was playing, thought: "doesn't this disk sound AWFUL? I hate LPs..." But the playback of the transfer after one pass with my default setting of ClickFix changed all that; it's barely possible now to tell that it WAS an LP.

I might add that you probably cannot find a more discriminating sound editor in the amateur field than me. I spent many years producing classical radio shows (recorded more than 3500 hours of programs onto digital tape for syndication in 17 American markets) and owned over 13,000 LPs. I also produced some classical recordings for MHS, eons ago. I recorded the SF Symphony for its national broadcasts. So I am a retired *professional* who now only makes CD transfers for personal use. I think that the results I am getting are definitely better than many of the CDs that I purchase, using old vinyl and shellac disk sources.

S. W., California, U.S.A.

ClickFix is amazingly fast and produces good results - pleasantly surprising running on my now-ancient P200. I am a full-time, lifetime audio engineer, it's great finding a product that so elegantly does what it's s'posed to - and without having to upgrade everything.

A. G., New York, U.S.A.

First, please let me say how very impressed I am by ClickFix... Compared to the arcane, poorly explained, and marginally functional click remover in Cool Edit, ClickFix saves the day! Thanks for developing it and for making it available at such a reasonable price.

G. M., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Once again I have to compliment you for this excellent plug-in which really makes Cool Edit Pro complete.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I'll give it a 20.

D. B., South Africa

I wish I had found your ClickFix three years ago. It is an excellent program. Very fast and accurate. It's worth every penny! Your section about saving only the clicks is valuable. That way, you can see if you are removing too much. I like Cool Edit, and this adds a much needed application.

W. S., San Francisco, U.S.A.

I want to thank you so much for this wonderful program - it is nothing less than the best there is for cleaning up pops, clicks and crackle from vinyl records on their way to becoming "reborn again" as CDs.

J. J., Minnesota, U.S.A.

Not only do I love your product, I really appreciate the way you respond promptly to my e-mail questions. I wish some of the "BIG" guys would be so responsive, most are quite slow (if they respond at all).

Sonny, the RadiolaGuy

Probably my biggest stumbling block with converting my vintage vinyl was the laborious process of getting rid of the pops and ticks, and I am absolutely stunned at how easily ClickFix takes care of that...

Again, thanks for producing the closest thing to a "magic wand" for those of us digitizing our vinyl collections!

Zach, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

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