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During a recent internet search I found many programs that claim to remove clicks and crackles from the audio recorded from vinyl records. For various reasons, I immediately eliminated most of these programs based on the information provided on the product websites. I short-listed 7 of these programs, ranging in price from about $20 to over $150, which I thoroughly evaluated using several noisy WAV file samples.

Jeffery Klein's ClickFix (Full Version) outperformed ALL of them, even the most expensive packages. ClickFix produced EXCELLENT results in all the tests I performed, and above all, ClickFix does not remove ANY of the wanted audio signal. The default settings work well with widely differing signal levels and music types, so practical use is simple and quick without have to endlessly fiddle with multiple setting slider controls, as is the case with most of the other programs.

Remember that ClickFix only removes the clicks and crackles. The surface noise that remains on really old records can then easily be removed using a good noise cleaning program, giving truly amazing end results. The fact that it is an Cool Edit/Audition plug-in is an added bonus, and the "Force Fix" feature is great for interactive use.

J. A. S., Pretoria, South Africa

I [have] ClickFix at the ready for not only the occasional touch up of vinyl transcription, but also for those odd dropout moments in any audio source. ClickFix is second-to-none for interstitial fixes under the 100 ms limit. Always top shelf results! A most wonderful tool, working better and more efficiently than other software.

G. H., New Jersey, U.S.A.

But what an amazing product you've created! I'm still reeling from using it over the weekend. I can't believe that I actually restored some of the oldest and most damaged albums in my collection. I couldn't detect any scratches or pops after the process, even with headphones! Truly Amazing!!

Thanks for ClickFix! I'm definitely going to tell all my friends that have Audition.

Alex M., Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

You may be interested to know that I work in support of a hospital broadcasting service and a blind persons cassette newspaper - both very nostalgia-based; we use many old vinyl (occasionally shellac) discs from collectors and boot fairs (? garage sales in the US) to source this old material - Clickfix is a great improvement on the Cool Edit Pro processor - much faster as well. Thanks for a useful plug-in.

a user from the United Kingdom

I thought you might care to know that I am extremely happy with your ClickFix product.

Currently I am working on a CD restoration of Schubert and Mozart piano works from mono Epic and CBS LPs. I'm a bit of a fanatic, and normally I step thru each WAV file in 1.5 second increments, manually expunging the larger clicks and pops. But the current patients seemed almost beyond help, with Cool Edit displaying a veritable picket-fence of red spikes, each representing a unacceptable disturbance. Normally I hold off on the automated declick process until after a thorough manual walk-thru, but on this occasion I applied 3 or 4 consecutive ClickFix passes, each pass with slightly more stringent settings than the preceding one. This was followed by a Channel Mix/Average and a mild dose of Hiss Reduction, and the result was amazingly clean, especially when compared to the virtually unlistenable original source.

I shuttle back and forth between CE's Fix Single Click and ClickFix Force Fix (it's unpredictable which feature will work best on a specific pop or click) - but I never use CE's Click/Pop Eliminator any more for a pass thru an entire WAV file. The settings are iffy and it takes freaking forever. It's ClickFix all the way for me.

Many thanks and my congratulations on a great product.

R. O., Texas, U.S.A.

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with your software - it's absolutely superb! I'm now able to put into reality my project of transferring a big chunk of my records onto CD with a minimum of fuss.

I'd spent quite a bit of time getting all the right hardware together to get the sound quality I was happy with and then learn the in's and out's of recording. What really bugged me was the thought of manually repairing all the clicks and pops - the auto feature works fine and the ability to just listen to what is being taken out means I'm not shy about using it on all but the cleanest originals. The remaining traces of noise are quite unobtrusive and it's actually quite nice to be reminded that it comes from a record. I'm therefore at a loss to suggest any improvements.

J. G., United Kingdom

The main reason I've emailed is I just want to say your product is THE BEST I've ever used for vinyl restoration. I don't know why the larger guys can't get it right. Your program is fast and doesn't just cover up the click, resulting in better sound.

L. M., Virginia, U.S.A.

I just accidentally discovered your ClickFix and have purchased it after testing it on two LPs of 20s music. I have Cool Edit 2000 and have been using Syntrillium's click/pop removal add-in for a year or more. Your ClickFix wins hands down. As another person said, it is deadly accurate. Your tips are also a tremendous time saver as I have had to find and remove the individual clicks for the 60s LP records I am transforming to CD since the Syntrillium didn't do a good job. Now I use your ClickFix and then only have to remove a couple of additional clicks using the spectral view to find them. Both ClickFix and the spectral view tip have saved me hours of searching and trying to remove the 'hidden' clicks resulting in almost perfectly clean recordings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Both your software and the tips and tricks are worth their weight in gold.

S. W., Wisconsin, U.S.A.

I've been using your ClickFix plug-in for a while now. It works just great. Thanks for coming up with exactly what I needed. I recommend it to everyone interested in cleaning up their vinyl.

D. H., California, U.S.A.

For Cool Edit, ClickFix plug-in is BY FAR the best there is. I've used it for at least five years now, and the job it does is still amazing, especially compared to most of what's out there.

a user from Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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